For snowmobiling rentals, trust the experts at Recreation in Utah.

They provide all the resources and equipment needed for a day out snowmobiling.

If you've never been snowmobiling and explored the state's finest snowmobile trails, you've got to give it a try. Our company is based out of Park City that specializes in snowmobile rentals, tours, and general snowmobiling knowledge. If you're in the area or making a special trip up to the Salt Lake City area during the winter months, let this winter outdoor experience company take you on some of the state's finest trails with some of their snowmobile rentals. Even if you're not sure about the whole snowmobiling thing, the tour guides at this company will ensure that you feel safe and have the time of your life on their snowmobile rentals when you're out riding some of the finest trails in the area. You can count on the tour guides from Recreation in Utah to inform you about everything you need to know about the surrounding trails and how to operate your snowmobile rentals correctly.

Don't snowmobile anywhere else besides the ‘Greatest Snow on Earth'

The Park City area boasts some of the finest trails in the entire western United States. When you take a tour with some of Recreation in Utah's snowmobile rentals, you can expect that your tour guide will take you on only the best and most scenic snowmobile trails in the area. Some of the trails that their rentals can be ridden on include Mill Hollow, Mud Creek, Indian Creek, Trail Hollow, and the famous Willow Creek Guard station. You will never get bored riding your rentals because our tours cover nearly 200 miles of the finest snowmobile trails in the state.

This year, come up to Park City and spend some time in a picturesque winter wonderland riding snowmobile rentals. After just one day out on the trails, you will probably be hooked. If you want to extend your day to spend more time out on the area's snowmobiling trails, you can stay at this outdoor adventure company's cozy lodge and dine at their delicious café when you come in from a mid-day break of snowmobiling. When you come to Recreation in Utah for some invigorating winter fun, you won't be disappointed in your experience and may even quit your job, fall in love with snowmobiling, and move out west to be closer to some of the area's finest trails.

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