The Greatest Snow on Earth - Snowmobiling tours in Utah

Utah is famous for its world class snowmobiling trails and tours and backcountry areas near Park City. Known as the place with the "Greatest Snow on Earth," Utah attracts visitors from around the world to ski and snowmobile the Park City area. At Recreation in Utah, we give our visitors access to some of the most exciting snowmobiling tour experiences for a winter vacation that Utah has to offer that range from very casual riding for beginners to aggressive rides for experienced snowmobile riders. Whatever type of snowmobiling experience you're looking to have, Recreation in Utah can provide it. Offering many different tours for any level of experience all through the Park City area.

Strawberry Bay Lodge near Park City - Snowmobile Guides and tours Services

At Recreation in Utah, we give our visitors access to professional trail and tour guides who are familiar with Utah's snowmobiling trails all over the Park City area and know exactly how to give you the best snowmobiling tour and experience for your vacation possible. Our trails and tours combine the perfect mix of excitement and beautiful scenery to make for an unforgettable winter vacation and snowmobiling experience. Book one of our tours and experience what the greatest snow on earth is all about. Just around the corner from the famous winter town of Park City, go tour the city and see what all the hype is about.

The snowmobile areas and trails we ride during our tours include: Lake Creek Summit, Mill Hollow, Park City, Tower Mountain, Co-op Creek, Clyde Creek, Mud Creek, Indian Creek, Trail Hollow, and the famous Willow Creek Guard station. In all, we cover over two hundred miles of groomed trails in Utah's finest snowmobiling areas.