Strawberry Bay Lodge is the perfect place for winter snowmobiling in Utah

There is no other better way to starting this winter season off than with professional snowmobiling in Utah. Recreation in Utah offers snowmobiling tours in Park City that allow you to ride on trails that hardly get ridden by other snowmobile riders. The Strawberry Bay Lodge operates in the heart of the Uinta National Forest with 8000 ft & up. Whether it is your first time or your tenth time at Strawberry Bay Lodge, we are always ready to take you, your family, and your friends on guided tours or unguided tours. We are confident in the fact that you will always remember your snowmobiling tours in park city for years to come, and for each winter vacation, you will want to schedule with us again.

There is no need to haul your snowmobiles again

If you are in the Park City area, there are many activities, but most of them do not provide the same level of excitement and incredible scenery which is fun for families, groups, or individuals. The snowmobiles we provide for rentals are at the head of the trail, so those of you who prefer taking the snowmobiling in Utah adventure alone, have no need to haul their snowmobiles again; just jump on and ride. Our trails are marked for over two hundred miles; that means there is no one losing their way on our trails.

Fun trails- beautiful areas

Each of our snowmobiling tours in Park City takes you through the beautiful country along all the trails that have been professionally groomed. With snowmobiling beginners, our guides can provide a casual day of riding through the gorgeous snowy canyons, open field, and along tree-lines trails that provide wildlife homes. Maybe you are looking for a more aggressive ride; the guides we offer can get you into deeper snow, steeper snowmobiling climbs, and top-quality territory that world-class leaders would love to get there feet in.

Make a day out of our snowmobiling tours

The snowmobiling tours in Park City we offer are between two, three, and four hours. We know people have different schedules and might be limited on time, or maybe you would love to get away for a little while; the four hour tour is perfect for you. For one of the three hour snowmobiling tour in park city, you can choose something extra; lunch is included in with it if you please. To see some of our tour times, go to our snowmobile tour page for more information on snowmobiling in Utah.

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Snowmobiling in Utah

Are you ready for a guided snowmobiling Adventure in the Salt Lake area? We operate at 8000 ft & up. The Uinta National Forest and the Park City area is the play ground meca of Utah. We are at the Heart of it and we are always ready to take you, your family, and your friends whether its your first time or tenth time on a guided tour.